Kentuckiana COVID-19 Resources

Welcome Kentuckiana community members. Our goal is to provide the Kentuckiana Community with local resources during the COVID-19 Pandemic. On this site you will find helpful resources for store restocking, charitable organizations, blessing boxes, and much more. We will also connect you with others who are seeking similar help where you can trade for the supplies and services you need during this difficult time.

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Support Local Small Business!

Local Charitable Organizations / Blessing Boxes / Free Meals

We have provided a list of locations we have found providing local resources, hosting a Blessing Box or offering free meals. Blessing Boxes (or Little Free Pantry) are boxes placed outside with free food, drinks, or other supplies inside. They are provided to help anyone who truly needs basic necessities. It is also encouraged toContinue reading “Local Charitable Organizations / Blessing Boxes / Free Meals”

Church Session LiveStreams

We have provided a list of local churches and when they plan to LiveStream their sermons and services. Many churches, especially larger congregations, have chosen to hold virtual sessions until COVID-19 passes. This list is provided to help anyone who is looking for a virtual church service. We are continuously updating this list, as weContinue reading “Church Session LiveStreams”

Healthy Guidelines – COVID 19

We have compiled a list of best practices to reduce or prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). These guidelines were taken from trusted sources, in an effort to help the community slow or stop the spread of this illness. If you have additional information or resources, please reach out to us on the Contact page.Continue reading “Healthy Guidelines – COVID 19”

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